Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the essential practice to differentiate your brand from the competitors. It is more than a logo and tagline of the product. We could define brand identity as, a customer’s overall perception about our business. A brand identity influences the customer’s buying decision at every touchpoint. Brand identity includes how your brand look, speak and feel to customers. These elements help them to decide whether they want to engage with your brand or not.

Our approach is that every product which can stand out in the market have all the capability to build a brand identity. But building brand identity is not your cup of tea and it’s not an overnight or some months process. It definitely requires time and consistency in communication, visualization, and uniformity. It also requires deep thinking and brainstorming but results reward it.

Undoubtedly building brand identity is a process. And we have gone through this process several of time successfully for our clients. Our experienced and creative team of brandhights has proved we are leading branding company India. We have done many projects across the nation successfully also got the appreciation from our worthy clients.

We are here to share with you our creative approach to building a brand identity, specifically the visual elements of a brand identity.

Our  Process of Building Brand Identity
1.Research –

Although we keep us updated with the market despite that we inspect or research every essential aspect of the product whenever we got any project. Research provides us foundation to stand upon. This research helps us to know a comprehensive picture of what the brand is. To do this, we discover the strong and weak point of the product. Who is the target audience? What is the current state of brand identity? Who are in competition?

Answers of these questions provide us the strong base to build and enhance the brand identity.

 2. Visualize the Information-

 After collecting the information from many resources its time to visualize the things. Yes, now we have to convert that text-based data into visuals by which we can connect customers to brand. To build an association between product and customer we go with the emotional approach through visual elements. It is very challenging to do but our creative team has the expertise to do so.

 3. Production –

 After completion of the first 2 steps of brand identity, we move toward the next step, production. We have our In-house production for various branding products as well we are connected with some other production houses. At the time of designing, we always stay careful and carried out the same logo, color palettes, typography, graphics and sizing which, the company wants to continue. These factors play an important role in building brand identity.

4. Execution

 The last major step of the brand identity process is executed. Here we give the final touch to our plan for building brand identity. Where to place the advertisement? Where it will be more visible? Is it visible to our target audience?  We consider all these factors during branding.

We include clear, easy-to-follow guidelines for every part of the brand identity, including examples and use-cases. This also includes practical detail, denoting as much information as needed to help the user replicate the brand identity successfully.

These were the steps of building a brand identity which we follow for our clients. We placed their ads or advertise where it is most visible to the target audience. We provide all kind of branding solution all over India. Below is some branding solution which we majorly do to establish brand identity.



Pole Kiosks   


Malls & Multiplexes   


Transit media