In our routine life, we interact with various modes of advertisements like on Television, internet, roadside banner, hoarding and many more. There are various ways to advertise the product and services. But majorly of advertising’s platforms divided into two broad categories. One is Above the Line Advertising (ATL Advertising) and another one is Below the Line Advertising (BTL Advertising).

In above the line advertising marketing activities mass media is used as a platform to communicate with the audience. The best examples of above the line advertising activities are Television, Newspaper, Radio etc. On the other hand, BTL advertising has a more personal and direct approach. It relies on one-on-one interaction with the target group.


ATL marketing gives exposure to a large group of audience whereas BTL marketing activities give exposure to a concentrated set of audience. Even though above the line marketing has a wider reach, BTL marketing targets a specific category of the audience that is especially interested in your product category. Therefore BTL advertisements yield high results when it comes to brand promotion.

Forms Of BTL Activities That Can Help Your Business

1. Brand Activation–

Brand Activation is the process of engaging a concentrated set of the target audience in their habitat. The main aim of brand activation is to inculcate a positive attitude and to generate a good response from the target group. Brand activation activities entail experiential marketing, mall activation, corporate activation, showroom activation, and such other activities.

2. Contests and Sweepstakes–

Contests and sweepstakes pull a lot of crowds. These activities will most likely attract people that either deal with your product category or is interested in it. Sweepstakes and exciting prizes tend to attract a lot of attention and publicity, indirectly aiding in brand promotion.

3. Direct Marketing–

This is the smartest and the most effective form of marketing so far. Direct marketing attracts customers and accumulates vital info about them without using popular marketing mediums. It is a cost-effective method that gives your brand the desired exposure.

4. Door to Door Marketing–

The traditional door-to-door marketing is still a popular form of below the line marketing activities. It has worked effectively for many brands in the past and yielded fantastic results. It is still practiced by many brands especially dealing in the home appliance.

These activities can help increase brand awareness in the marketing. BTL marketing is especially useful to increase brand credibility among consumers and subsequently promote brand loyalty. BTL marketing can be advantageous in many ways; listed below are just a few examples

5. Strengthens Consumer-Brand Relationship–

One on one communication is the base of below the line marketing. And such kind of interaction always helps you to build a strong relationship with your target group of customers.

6. Helps in the Evaluation of Marketing Activities–

If you are in direct communication with the customer then it is easy for you to notice the customer’s reaction. On the behalf of that, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

7. Exposure to Target Audience–

Through Below The Line advertising activities you can reach out to the target audience. You need not fear that the marketing message you are projecting will be lost. BTL activities ensure that your message is reaching the right people and at the right time.

8. Customer’s Feedback–

It is necessary to have direct communication with your target audience. You will get benefit from it in different ways. The best advantage of that you can get genuine feedback from the customers.

9. Customized Marketing –

Every product has its niche or a specific group of audience. It is necessary to reach out that audience, in this BTL advertising help a lot. Below The Line, marketing facilitates to create customized marketing strategies to mark an unforgettable impression on them.                                                                                                              These days many brands are indulging in below the line marketing activities. BTL is the most effective way to communicate with your target audience and promote the brand.

There are another more activities we can do for our brand promotions. But we need to be very careful whenever we do the BTL work. Because our target group is very sensitive and we have to keep in our mind during the activation of their sentiments. If due to any reason they get hurt it is very difficult to make them potential customer once again. For that reason whenever we do the BTL activities, everything we keep in our mind.       


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