This fiscal year we are just hoping that budget would not be populist. In fact, it would be more real and the government will focus on lots of concern area where maximum people of our country will get benefited.

As all of us know that just because of vote bank always government presents a populist budget. That is not be fulfilled throughout the year and in the next budget, they do the same thing.  This time as what I read in a newspaper or watch on tv on a daily basis. This time the government will be more focused on the development of the weaker section of society.

Following the few things in that area, I would like to see the focus of government in this coming budget –

Health-Related Budget

In our country, maximum people are not able to get the proper treatment for their illness due to so costly medicine and hospital. In fact, they can’t effort that treatment and due to that, they don’t survive. Also, we don’t have the good treatment of a few deadly diseases in our country, one of them is cancer. People lose their loved ones just because of money and good treatment. I am hoping the government will be the focus of this issue and will open some good research center. So that our Dr. can do research here and give the service to our effective family from this chronic deadly disease. As all, we know our Dr. are very intelligent and they have been doing the remarkable work in different countries.

health budget

If our government provide them with the proper facility in India. I must we will be in the much better condition where we are today. The government should focus to open more hospital in every corner of India. So that all people can get treatment either that person staying in remote areas or any metro cities.

Agricultural improvement Budget

This budget should be made in favor of farmers. Because they give their blood and sweat throughout the year in their crops and one natural disaster just takes away everything from them and thus they go into unnecessary and unwanted grave trouble of their life. In both conditions either its drought or good monsoon, they face the problem. In drought condition, they are not able to farm or save their crops and in good monsoon situation, they face the problem because there are no buyers of their grains.


So in that condition,n the government should think on the very serious note for them. Always we read into newspaper and TV that few farmers have committed suicide. This is very shameful and painful that after getting free of 70 years from English still we don’t have any good plan for their safety and situation compel them to do the extreme step of life. The government should have some insurance policy for them so that they can be benefited in their crisis situation. More than the 60% of people in our country depends on farming and that area has been totally neglected by a government so far.

Education Friendly Budget

This is the very valid point where government should be focus unbiased. PADHEGA INDIA TO BADHEGA INDIA. We all know this theory that without education is possible. But after getting the good education students can do anything and whatever they will do it will be done by very strategically and in that case, they will get more success than failure. So quality education to all it should be the main point in the Budget.


There are plenty of intelligent students don’t do anything in the life just because of quality education , either they don’t have the money to get admission in good institute or socially they don’t get support to pursue their interest (Like, someone is interested to play football and want to make career in that but due to social pressure s/he is not able to do it). This is the irony of our society. And everyone faces this in different manners on daily basis. Therefore, the government should focus on this with very serious not to improve our education system. Once the education system becomes better I am 100% sure there are more than the 90% problem will be vanished from our society and our country will become once again the best country in the world.

Political Funding

The government should keep the close eyes on this evil culture. If they really want to see great India. Political funding is one of the blots in our society. As if it said if want to do something for the other firstly you should start with yourself. The government should make a special team to check their all funding and their expenses so that they can’t cross the border. Due to a corrupt politician, there are lots of problems we face and monitoring their activity by honest people government can clean the system and funding is one of the all-time high problems.



Funding for infrastructure

The government should have the good budget for infrastructure. Without infrastructure, we can’t grow so good and quality infrastructure is the must. Firstly government should have the very good plan for infrastructure which should be made by the expert into the different field. This is the area where a government can create the lots of jobs as well. Hence government should be very careful during the making the budget. In this field, there are huge corruptions.

As we listen to every day that corruption caught in railway, aviation, road, coal, IT, telecom etc, I guess everywhere. Their government should have a very honest monitory team to tackle any kind of nuances or wrongdoing work. There should be another monitory team who handle the quality of work and deliver on said date. If they are delivering the work on said with quality their license should be canceled permanently.


These are the few thinks according to me government must have a think and apply for the betterment of society. There are other lots of concern areas are also where our government has to do the work with honesty and dignity. But it will be more to full fill their commitment. Therefore, the above-mentioned areas are enough for this fiscal budget. We are eagerly waiting for that and hope, the government will focus on those concern areas.


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