Generally, on the season of celebration, everyone makes an effort to brighten up their home decoration with a touch of colour and light and bring in a little festive cheer. While decorating your home can be quite a task for people who are clueless about where to begin, these simple tips of home decoration will help you out:-


Tips for Home Decoration                                                           

1. Make It Personal

When you choose a colour scheme that is greatly praised in Good Housekeeping or buy a Victorian-inspired dresser, just because it is “classy”, you succeed in creating a home decoration that just looks good, but lacks personality. Your home should speak volumes about its owner, whether in the colours, the furniture or the home decoration items.


Let your interests, talents, and hobbies grace your walls. Let your home be your own personal art gallery.

2. Less Is More

Don’t assume that going all out will give your home the extra jazz you seek. Sometimes, minimalistic home decoration and great color schemes are all you need to make space come alive. Don’t overcrowd the room, it will make it look smaller and gloomier.

3. Keep It Comfy

With cutting-edge design is the latest fad in home decoration, you may be much tempted to style your home that way.

4. Antiques Are In

Add an old world charm to your home decoration with antique pieces of furniture maybe your great grandmother’s almirah or a cute four poster bed in your room. Antiques are comforting, they add warmth and are ever in the style you can’t go wrong with them.


5. Go Desi –

Indian fabrics, prints, and handicrafts are a great way to add character to your home decoration. They bring a touch of village artistry and rustic charm to remind you of all those summers you spent at your Dadi’s house

6. Create Your Own Paradise –

Your home is your space to unwind and be yourself. You should do home decoration accordingly. Aromatherapy and mood lighting are great ways to enhance your surroundings and make your home decoration a more relaxing, romantic and intimate living space. Growing plants indoors as well as outdoors add beauty, as well as keeps the air fresh and fragrant. A swing in the veranda where you can enjoy the pleasant evening breeze. And a little spot by the window where you can enjoy a book and a cuppa. It’s all about creating a space you’re happy to be in.

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