Brand identity is the crucial factor for any business because it separates you from your competitors. It is difficult in the retail business to build and maintain the brand identity. And we are here to help you to build your retail store identity also we are sharing here some principle to “Incorporate Brand Identity Into Your Retail Store”.

store branding

1. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to brand identity, All the customer touch points need to be the same. The same logo, the same fonts, look and feel of the marketing and of the stores. Your message should be unified every time customer visit the store.

Whenever a customer has an interaction with your brand either in-store, social media or your website the experience has to evoke the same emotion. That is the brand identity which must remain the same.

Consistency across all channels makes the brand identity. Here are some ideas on how you can ensure that consistency:

Document your brand identity:

Document all those things which are helpful in building brand identity. It includes your voice, mission statement, and guidelines for logo usage. And circulate this document throughout the company.


Retail business is usually large in size and having multiple stores and departments. You have to ensure that different business functions like store management, the marketing department, PR, production department and another business point must be aligned and have to stay on the same page. You should communicate all the updates to the every business functions on a weekly basis meeting or get to gather.

Know your target audience:

Identifying your target audience is the base of brand identity. It will help us to know our customer’s pain points. Now it depends upon, how you address their problems. This helps employees relate to the customer and the persona of your brand more easily.

2. Signage

Signage is the first interaction that a customer has with your store. So it is important for you to introduce your brand identity here. Signage is the greatest opportunity to leave a memorable first impression on the customer.

Signage can be of different types but the entrance of the store must be impressive. Therefore brand identity needs to be strong there. A creative and inexpensive way to create that first impression is to use a chalkboard to place in the sidewalk out front.

3. Brand Logo

The brand logo is an essential part of your brand identity. It must be used carefully in the store, it reflects your identity. It’s not a matter of placing the logo everywhere there’s a space for it. It must be strategic and visual.

A logo can be placed on product displays, receipts, shopping bags, price tags, and more. It’s important to not overwhelm customers, but not underwhelming at the same time. This all depends on the brand identity.

4. Color Combination

When a store is prepared, a color combination or theme plays an important role in it. It also helps you to set an identity of your brand. Color can be a factor which helps the customers to recognize your brand. In fact, color increases brand recognition by up to more than 80%.

You must be careful while choosing the color theme. Choose the colors that represent your identity and the impression you want to make upon consumers.

5. Music

Having the right music can also enhance your brand identity through the shopping experience. But there is some key point which you have to take care as a type of music and volume.

6. Scent

If you pass by the store in a shopping mall, for instance, you might smell it before you see it. Because they spray fragrances in the stores, it creates a specific identity and emotional reaction from customers. That’s the power of scent marketing.

7. Sales Personnel

Sales personnel are the brand ambassador of the company. They are the person who brings the brand and the products to life. It’s imperative that they’re considered an essential component of the brand identity.

You must train your employees, Introduce them to the brand identity, help them understand what it is and how they can embody it. Keep this in mind when vetting potential new hires as well.





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