In these days competitive time without promotion, we can’t survive in the market. Interior innovative branding is an integral part of the promotion and glow sign board is the best way to keep promoting ourselves. Sign board and sign board design vary store to store, space availability etc. Only this way we can go to our potential client.

Impact of Sign BoardSIGNBOARD

If we want to do seeing ourselves on top firstly we will have to work on all kind of brandings at all possible place. Majorly where our target group can watch our brand and try to know us. So our Branding should be very clear and knowledgeable. Putting a sign board inside the store is not enough, what kind of signboard, its size, look, design, color, location matter a lot.  I mean it should be very creative, after seeing and reading they will be compelled to think for us, and we provide that kind of branding.

Looking for best Sign Board?

Brandhights is one of the biggest sign board assembling organization offering results of high quality and unparallel point of interest. We provide a one-stop solution to the clients in terms of glow sign board and a variety of sign board designs. Brandhights comprehend the basic move of signage for imparting the corporate personality successfully.



Brandhights offers a variety of signages which are exquisite, enduring, elegant and affordable. Our team helps the client in picking a decent sign board framework, suitable typeface, color choice, material and the backdrop that jells.

We are offering the solution

Brandhights conceptualize, plan and deliver sign board solution to the best of customer’s needs. For  Glow Signboard, Brandhights has a cutting-edge fabricating unit. Our manufacturing team wires imaginative and advanced visual innovation and plastic engineering to manufacturing signs and display systems that are rich, persevering and reasonable price.

According to your need and demand Sign Board Manufacturers has a lot of suggestions and a plenty of designs to offer.

We offer the below sign boards solution,

  • ACP Signs                                                                       •      Acrylic Signs
  • Adjustable Backdrop stand                                         •      Aluminum Metal Letters
  • Architectural Signs                                                       •      Building Signs
  • Banner Stands                                                                •     Banners
  • Brass Metal Letters                                                       •      Brochure Holder
  • Cast Signs in Aluminum Brass                                    •     Catalogue Stand
  • Channel Letters                                                              •     Chrome Letters
  • Construction Site Signs
  • Digital Signs                                                                    •      Display Backdrop Stand
  • Emergency Evacuation Signs                                      •      Etched Signs in Stainless Steel Brass Acrylic Materials
  • Fire Exit Sign Boards                                                     •       Foam Letters
  • Front lit and Backlit Signs                                            •       Glass Sign Boards
  • Halo lit Letters                                                                •       Hazardous Signs
  • In-store displays                                                             •        Injection Molded Letters
  • LED Channel Letters                                                      •       LED Display
  • Moving Signs in LED                                                      •       LED Resin Signs
  • Sign Boards (LED)                                                           •       LED video walls for both sides
  • Menu Boards                                                                     •       Modular Signs
  • Neon Markers                                                                   •        Neon Sign Boards
  • One inch thick led Panel lights                                      •        POP Displays
  • POP up Backdrop stand                                                  •        Portable Displays, Kiosks
  • Product Display Stand                                                     •        Pylons
  • Reception Backdrop Signs                                              •        Reception Sign Boards
  • Road Signs                                                                         •         Rolling Banner Stands
  • Safety Signs                                                                        •         Scrollers
  • Shop Sign Boards                                                              •         Snap Frames
  • Stainless Steel Metal letters                                            •         Thermoformed Signs
  • Totems, Facia Signs                                                          •         Traffic Signs
  • Trivisions                                                                            •          Unipole Signs and Hoardings
  • Variable Message Systems                                              •          Way Finding Signs
  • Wired Displays


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