Types of Branding

In the modern era branding is an essential activity for the companies to differentiate their product from others. To create a unique identity for the product and service companies are using various kind of branding. Branding ensures product awareness, brand credibility, customer loyalty, and many other advantages.  Building a brand takes time and involves a lot of resources. Branding is an important tool for marketing for stimulating recognition.

A product, service, person or place that branded automatically develops a personality. Businesses and individuals can take advantage of the various types of branding that are available.

Following are some types of branding which are commonly used by businesses and individuals.

Personal Branding:

Personal branding is different from the product branding. In this type of branding, we try to establish our personality, character or our work as a brand. Personal branding is very common among politicians, athletes, and celebrities. Personal branding makes it possible for famous people to reflect a good image of themselves to the public.

personal branding

Product Branding:

This is the most common type of branding. In this branding, we work on our product to make it different from others. Product branding is a symbol or design that helps to identify a product easily. Product branding is easily noticeable when you go shopping in a supermarket filled with multiple products. Because most products branded with a unique color, design, and logo.

product branding

Corporate Branding:

A business carried out various activities and different function, organization have to manage all these functions along with other aspects like products, services, employees, corporate culture as well as corporate social responsibility. Every activity has its positive or negative effect on the organization’s reputation. Corporate branding used by businesses to create and maintain brand image.

corporate branding

Retail Branding:

Retail branding is commonly used by retail giants to arouse customer’s interest in its brand. In retail branding, companies spend the huge amount to set a distinctive image from competitors. This type of branding requires a lot of planning efforts and efficient execution. Any wrong decision or strategy can put the negative impact on reputation.

retail branding

Geographical Branding:

Branding used for specific products and services that are unique to a particular region known as geographical branding. It is commonly used in the tourism industry. Many countries and regions try to brand things that make them different from other areas. Landscape, cuisine, tourist centers within a popular region are usually advertised and eventually become associated with the region.

geographical branding


In this type of branding two or more companies associates their brands with a specific product or service. Co-branding can describe as a marketing partnership between two or more brands. So that the success of one brand can put a positive impact on other. Such branding is effective in building the business, to spread awareness and breaking into new markets.



Apart from these types of branding, there are other numerous kinds of branding that businesses can take advantage of. The most important thing is to ensure that your strategy to branding suits your business goal.



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