25 Wedding Anniversary wishes 

It’s time to celebrate your wedding anniversary. If you are looking to say something a bit more original than “happy wedding anniversary”, you have come to the right place

1. Wishing you both many more years of happiness and unconditional love and congratulations on your wedding anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

2. Looking at the most beautiful couple on the earth makes me feel that marriages are truly eternal. Wish you a very very Happy wedding anniversary

3. Sending you warm wishes on your anniversary; may you continue to grow older and happier together with your soulmate

4. Some of the best memories of a couple are not just the magic of their first few kisses but the magic they create every time they kiss for the rest of their lives. Happy wedding anniversary

5. May you continue to be a wonderful husband and wife to each other. Wishing you nothing but happiness, love, and joy in the years ahead.

6. It feels like as the years go by, each one gets a little bit better. I love being married to you and I wish you the happiest of anniversaries

wedding anniversary wishes

7. Searching for a spark at the start of a relationship Is like trying to build fire without a flint to start.

It should be ignited, nourished and maintained.

Thank you for a year of your love,

You made me burn with love and passion

8. Wishing you cheers and much happiness as you celebrate another year of your wonderful journey together

9. The wrinkles on your faces are not signs of how much you have aged, but how beautifully your marriage has survived the test of time. Happy anniversary

10. Thanks for always being there for me, especially during the tough times. Here’s to wishing us a great anniversary

11. Wishing that you two will grow even closer together with each passing day. Happy anniversary

12. Thanks for all those wonderful years,

And the wonderful memories you have given me.

Happy Weeding anniversary to my dearest darling wife!!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

13. More than the pop of balloons, a flash of lights and shower of confetti – may the sounds of laughter, flashes of smiles and showers of happiness mark your anniversary

14. One of the happiest days of my life was

When we said “I love you” to each other.

But what’s better is that we still love each other 365 days later

15. Success doesn’t always come in the form of paychecks and awards. It also lies in smiles that are a result of happy relationships and experiencing the little pleasures of life. Happy anniversary

16. Not a long journey, your marriage is an adventure. Not a love story, your marriage is an epic tale of romance. there is no a happy ending, your marriage is a blissful loop of sweet memories. Happy wedding anniversary

17. Sending you both loving wishes on your anniversary, may it be something so very special. Happy wedding anniversary to a cute couple, And two lovely hearts that are inseparable.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes


18. I always aware of that, even from the starting phase of our married life, I knew you were the perfect one for me. Wishing us a very-very happy wedding anniversary.

19. You are the sweetest, kindest and humblest person I’ve ever known

I think I am the luckiest girl in the world coz that person is my husband

Happy anniversary, hubby

20. Wishing you a very happy anniversary and that the future years are just as great as the years of marriage that we’ve had


21. No one and nothing in this world are perfect, but the two of you are as close as it gets. Happy anniversary

22. Your dreams, ambitions, and hopes for the future may not be always the same. But the beauty of your marriage is that you both live to make each others’ dreams come true. Happy anniversary to a perfect couple

23. You had turned my life into a poem

And its rhythm makes my dears and nears

to rejoice ever and ever

Happy Anniversary to you

24. In this world, a perfect marriage is a myth or fairytale for some people. But not for me, for me, marriage is a real thing which exists between you both. May you both be blessed with love, joy, and happiness for lifetime, Happy wedding anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

25. I’m so glad that we’re together; I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. Wishing you endless joy on our anniversary.

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