A house party is a type of party where small, medium and large groups of people gather at the residence of the party’s host. In the modern era, a house party is typically associated with teenage, young adult or adult crowds, loud music, dancing, and the consumption of alcohol or other recreational drugs. Historically, the term has also referred to more noble gatherings at host home for a house party.

house party

It has rarely happened any occasion is organized at home. To break this long time boredom one should bring entertainment in life for that an awesome house party must do well.  After proper planning of the house party, the invitation can be forward to the guests via social media, call or word of mouth.

In some instances, a house party doesn’t have too many guests that are totally up to you. You may invite your close one to have a mixture of group gathering and house party.

You need to make your house party funniest and engaging so that your guest can’t be bored during the party time. To make more fun we are giving you some ideas of game you can try it at your house party. Following the details.

Ideas For House Party Games

1. Couple Game –

To play this house party game Divide people up into couples, but not husband-wife — try pairs like friend-friend, mother-son, brother-sister, and cousins. Each pair writes a list of questions to ask the others: What’s your favorite breakfast cereal? What would your ideal vacation entail? Would you rather be beautiful or rich? Each team asks the other couples the list of questions, and one member of each couple writes down what they think their partner would say. Then, go around the circle and compare answers, awarding points for matches.

2. Blindman’s Swag –

For this house party game, players divide into couples. One partner in each couple is blindfolded. Before the start, the game ensures that no one can peek otherwise it might ruin the game. You also have to ensure that there are no any breakable items in the gaming area and try to have plenty of space.

All the couples start on one side of the playing area.  After the partners are blindfolded reveal the swag. This can be a prize, a $10 bill, anything that will get players excited.

house party

Now the players that are not blindfolded must remain where they stand and lead their partners to the prize using only their words (no touching). the goal is to be the first to grab the swag of course, but the hilarity of watching the players try and get there will be laughed about for years.

3. The Shaving Game –

Guests divide into teams or couples. One (brave) person holds the balloon in their mouth during the house party while the other person lathers their balloon with shaving cream. Now the real fun will start and the player not holding any balloon must clean all the shaving cream with a disposable razor.

house party

The couple who completes the task without popping their balloon wins the game.

4. Quirk Alert Bingo –

How predictable is your friend’s behaviour? Find out in this fun twist on bingo. This game is best at parties where the guests already know each other. When guests arrive hand them all a blank bingo card (you can mark the space in the middle as free). They are to fill in each square themselves based on what they think the other guests will do at the party. Examples:

During the house party, everyone can mark off their cards if the prediction occurs. The first one to get a bingo calls it out and wins a prize. You can continue playing to see if someone fills up their entire card, or count to see has the most predictions right at the end of the party.

5. Human Pinata –

It is a fun and hilarious twist on the classic pinata. You will need to hot glue small prizes all over an old shirt during the house party. You have to arrange some small things like small candy, toys, money, etc.  Now put these all the items separate ziplock bag and hot glue each bag to the shirt.  You will want to cover the shirt with prizes.

house party

Now have the pinata volunteer put the shirt on.  Give them a head start and send the other players after them. The players chase down the human pinata and when they get close enough they can pull off a bag.  Players cannot grab, tackle, or hold the human pinata in any way. They can only grab the bags attached to them.  The game continues until all bags have been pulled from the human pinata.



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