Baby’s First birthday is always special for parents. It is not only because their baby has completed one year but also they have surpassed the first years of parenthood. They don’t leave a stone unturned to make their baby’s first birthday memorable.


Everything should go smoothly we should make a checklist before 1 months so that we can be rush at the last moment.

Guidance for First Birthday Party

Budget planning-

The first task for any occasion is checking out the budget. You have to think over all the arrangements you want to do like party venue, food, theme decoration etc with cost. If you have picked up some first birthday party venue, you can easily discuss the budget requirements of the venue and the services within it.

Birthday theme –

First and foremost we should create a party theme as upon a child i.e. that is boy or girl. Going with a theme is a great way to keep on track and organized. This collection of party themes offers a variety of ideas for parents planning this milestone celebration.


Innovative invite –

As it is the first birthday celebration of your baby so you would like to bang the day with your relatives, friends, neighbours and loved ones along with their children. Therefore make a guests list and try to send invite before 1-2 weeks of the first birthday party. Make an eco-friendly e-birthday video invite using your Smartphone. Dress up your baby doll well and choose a dazzling background. You and your spouse, along with the little one will make a pretty picture on the screen.

Wave out and make a warm invite to your friends and loved ones. Share the video with everyone you intend to invite.

Hassle free game On birthday –

Include interesting but uncomplicated games for the first birthday party of your baby.  All the gaming activities would definitely entertain the guests but select the games focused on your baby.


Choose the games which need minimal props such as Pictionary, musical chairs, balloon buster, London statue, Pin the Tail, Who pinched the nose and so on.

Seating arrangement – 

When you are throwing a first birthday party for your baby you must be more careful about seating arrangement for guests. Because you are calling parents who have babies of their own, then you need to make appropriate arrangements for them as well. You must also set a baby corner where they can enjoy.

First Birthday cake –

You should make an attractive cake on that big day so the child can be enjoying seeing this. You need to give it some customization so that your baby likes it the most.

first birthday

Capture the moments –

As the first birthday start there will be many moments to capture your baby boy or girl. Therefore you should hire a photographer or arrange your own camera. At last, it would be a great picture collection on the first birthday of your baby.

Return gift –

Actually, children love to receive any kind of gift so you should give them a return gift whoever will come along with their parents because it’s your baby’s first birthday.



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