A Relationship Can Not be Mended Once it’s Broken

We should be very careful during our conversation with anyone either in front or behind of the person. Not just action, sometimes even an unthinking word said at a sensitive moment can bring about cracks in a relationship built painstakingly over years.

Notably, what we said at that point does not matter as much as what went earlier. Friends and loved ones may pretend, but occasionally does anyone forgive and forget an inappreciable. The cracks on every occasion remain, particularly, if those involved are careless with the relationship over the period of time.

Try to mend the problem

Sometimes a relationship takes a hit so many times that it diminishes a bit on each occasion. In the time it may diminish to a heart-rending caricature of what it was. You factor, in what has been lost and decide to make do it what is left. And with no communication or attempts to repair, there is lesser of you now invested in the same relationship. You have decided to safely keep away the parts that are fragile to hurt. And very soon, the little to diminishes.

There is the natural downward spiral of a relationship that has fallen prey to lack of communication and sensitivity. Not conveying what bothers you leads to further misunderstanding and matters worsen. But, if both partners talk to each other through their trigger points, the journey becomes smoother.

Japanese have shown us that even broken crockery can be not just mended, but made even more beautiful with materials which they have created – the art of repairing with lacker mixed gold or silver dust. So, as long as there is an intention to repair and maintain a healthy relationship, there is a hope.

Unless one of the partners has a terribly fractured personality, breaking a relationship is not all that easy. Most often you will find both people trying to make compensation in their own way.

How To Mend A Broken Relationship

Saying sorry is not the only way to apologize, maximum people find that tough, though they might find it easier to indicate regret through actions or sometimes through gestures. The important thing is to avoid standoffs and periods of non – communication where you stand on ego and wait for the other to break the deadlock. Try to get things back as fast as possible on an even reverse. However, don’t ignore the issues. It’s very important to air the problems and show your intent to work them out. Sometimes just trying to work out a solution is enough to make your partner feels love and value.

Good to be nice in relationship

To be genuine or honest, it’s not forgiveness is important, more critical is an acceptance and readjustment. You can forgive, but cannot attempt to forget. Intelligent people don’t forget a point of soreness. If they love, they accept the disappointment and move on, they always careful not repeat the same mistake and hurt their partner.

That is what good relationships are all about. Accept, readjust move on together.  Hence, that is what a good life is all about actually. And those who really understand the game, go a step further and much like the Japanese they mend the cracks it seems of gold. The mend of relationship is acceptance and adjustment.

It is important to ensure that we respect those we love. Humour is the best savior of ties. The toughest situation can be dissolved in a shared of laughter, as long as the humor is not directed towards one or the other.

So we should maintain our relationship like family friend etc. and due to any reason if friction comes in any one mind you go there meet that person and clear all doubt.


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